camProtocon’s CAM system Kazi-Cam, allows off-line programming for all our CNC machine centres, for both 2D CAD drawing files, and full solid models. Cut paths can be directly inputted to all our CNC machine centres though our dedicated post processors and DNC links.

Production Advantages:
• Time reduced by directly inputting our customers electronic data.
• Production strategies can be investigated in detail using Kazi-Cam’s state-of-the-art graphical representation.
• Optimum cutter feed and speed data can be assigned using our tooling Database.
• Rapid program development both off-line or on the machine.
• Supported Formats.

Our Kazi-CAM system currently supports the following formats:
• IGES files (*.igs)
• DXF files (*.dxf)
• Point List files (*.txt)
• Parasolid files (*.x_t or *.xmt)
• SolidEdge files (*.par)
• SolidWorks files (*.SLDPRT)
• DWG files (*.dwg)
• Pro E Part files (*.PRT or *.PDT)
• Granite / STEP files (*.STEP or *.STP)

Traditional paper drawings can be readily converted into cut paths using either our Visual CADD, CAD system or Kazi internal drawing pallet.