Engineering Capabilities

In Kazi industries CNC machines are programmed by in-house engineers using the latest CAD / CAM software. This system enables our engineers to program most complex CNC machining. All CNC machines are connected to the DNC server. Engineering Windows Workstation and DNC server are connected via Ethernet network to provide state- of- the- art shop floor communication system.

Our DNC communication system is designed specifically for sending or receiving numerical control files, from any engineering workstation to any machine anytime, which allows us to produce high quality parts in shortest possible time. We continually upgrade our Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing capabilities to provide our customers with the benefits of current technology. With the updated software and technology, engineers are able to support our customers in drawing, processing, tooling, and planning multiple projects simultaneously


We provide excellent customer service which includes,

    Single Point Contact
    Immediate Response

We have deep engineering strength which is the result of years of experience and self training programs.

As a result of decades of continuous improvement, we are placed in to 10% of quality slot and placed in the lower 10% slot on price platform.